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Area51 Computers

In June of 1998 I started 'Area51 Computers' a small computer store in Rochester, MN with a shoestring budget.

Area51 Online

In early 2000 I took over for a small failing ISP 'The Quest Internet' and rebranding it to 'Area51 Online'. We provided Dialup Internet services, point-2-multipoint wifi and point-2-point business services.

Area51 Services

In mid 2000 I acquired the assets of NetAffect, and formed Area51 Services as a web services company. We provided professional email services, web hosting, dedicated and Collocated servers.

FusionZero / 0Spam Project

In late 2005 I created the 0spam project under Fusionzero platform. Later we rebranded this into 0spam.org


In early 2006 I aquired the assets of XGames of Rochester, an IGC in Rochester, MN and formed Lounge51. We moved the Gaming Center to a larger location, downtown right next to our existing web services facilities on North Broadway allowing us to provide a direct fiber connection to the gaming center from the Area51 Services backbone.


In 2018 I purchased WeLikeIt and spent two years rebuilding the ClarenProject SaaS solution for the Real Estate industry into RealEstateCreate product. The new solution adds a CRM and advanced lead management tools, a white label developer console, marketing center for marketing teams and more.


In mid 2019 I purchased DotNetInvoice, an asp.net billing system. we're currently in the process of rebuilding this platform.

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