a little bit about myself...

 I manage design, development and marketing for businesses, non-profits and communities all over the world. I specialize in providing solutions that focus on efficient ROI as well as helping to streamline the inner workings of each project and business I work with. With 20 years of experience I've had the unique opportunity to learn what converts clients in the most efficient way. I've worked on many solutions in many industries including but not limited to eCommerce, Construction and Remodeling, Legal, Real Estate, Non Profits, Public relations, Farm and Agriculture, Seasonal Focus, Events, Manufacturing, Promotional Products, Radio, Community platforms, Game development, Technical platforms for projects like "The 0spam project's" antispam integration, Accounting, billing systems with radius integration, and more..

If you would like a custom list of examples in your specific industry just let me know. I would be happy to provide examples and references of past projects. You can see a few recent examples on my portfolio page.

507 358-4242

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