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Dealing with compeditor low quality link spam or SEO devaluation. Google disavow links tool

In some cases competitors may attempt to lower you website value by creating hundreds or thousands of low quality links back to your site. In many cases it is next to impossible to know who is creating the links without going through a legal process to track and trace the original submissions.

Generally an easier way to deal with such issues is to contact the webmasters of these sites that are linking to your domain(s) or if that is not an option Google does offer a secret agent, for when the SEO task seems more like mission impossible you can use the "Disavow Tool" to remove all association from a link to your site. Doing this can be tedious and time consuming but very effective at removing negative links to your domain.

Abusing this tool can also get your domain flagged even more harshly than not, so always try other methods of removal before using this tool.

How to target Safari only using CSS and Javascript while keeping your page W3 compliant and completely valid

Here is a neat little trick you can use to target Safari and make it behave while fixing cross browser layouts. This method will allow you to keep a page valid and it will allow you to only target Safari.

First thing you want to do is use javascript to inject a css file for all browsers that support webkit with this code: 

Now, like I stated above this will target all browsers that currently support webkit and add support for it in the future so you cannot rely on only this. So now you need to create the css file and add some code that is Safari specific by using the double # method. Some people will ask, why not just include the double # to begin with? And the simple answer is that it will cause your CSS not to validate.

Here is the example css code that will target only Safari


Blank white screen on fresh wordpress install

Wordpress be default does not have correct syntax for all platforms.

in index.php under root and /wp-admin folders you will need to remove the "./", their should be one in each file. This will fix the blank white screen in most cases unless you have database connections issues as well.

Some versions of MySQL and Php do not play nice together as the newest versions of Php do not support old-password, you may need to verify that your mysql password is being stores in the new more secure method.

Recover from improper run level on minimal linux install, hangs during boot: fix

In a minimal CentOS for example, if you set the run level to 5 the system will hand during boot. This is because no GUI is installed. In order to fix this you can insert the CentOS minimal installation media and select recovery.

Once in recovery you will need to mount the system image:

chroot /mnt/sysimage

now edit the startup config

vi /etc/inittab

select [insert] to edit the file and update the line to read as follows:


[esc] key then


now reboot the system


now select reboot and the system should come back up in run level 3